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Question. Analyze. Innovate. Create.

Results-driven UX Product Designer with 9 years of operational excellence across diverse marketing domains.

Skilled in delivering research driven, user-focused design by integrating creative solutions for complex challenges. 

Design Case Studies

Leantime Cover.png

Client Project

Contracted by client, myself and two other UX/UI designers reimagined what a project management software could do to motivate and even delight users as they catalogued their workflow.  

iPhone 15 Pro.png

Mobile Responsive Design

As a concept project, myself and three other UX/UI designers developed a mobile responsive website devoted to helping conscious consumers reduce food waste in their homes. 

Brydgit Mockup.jpg

Client Project

Tasked with developing a website from scratch for the startup company Brydgit, I led end to end product design which targeted two separate audiences (buyers and brokers) to create a cohesive website that brought Brydgit's vision and value proposition to life.

Coming Soon

Home Cover Photo.png

Native iOS App Design

Tasked with creating an iOS native App, myself and three other UX/UI designers devised a user-oriented solution to utilize the recipient's social network to help gifters who need a little extra inspiration.   

Coming Soon

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