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Hey there! I'm a UX Product Designer with a 9 year background in diverse marketing areas like branding, graphic design, digital advertising, print ad creation, and OOH campaigns. My journey has given me a keen eye for operational processes, storytelling, and, most importantly, user-focused outcomes. I'm passionate about creating designs that truly resonate with users, and I thrive on tackling seemingly impossible challenges with research-based solutions.

Right now, I'm leading the UX/UI efforts for an exciting Real Estate start-up, where I handle everything from user research to prototyping and usability testing. I'm a firm believer in continuous learning, which is why I'm constantly diving into the ever-changing landscape of product design.

When I'm not immersed in my work, you can find me wandering around  NYC parks, at a concert (some of my favorites in the playlist below!), experimenting with cooking, or indulging in a binge-watching session of the latest shows. Let's connect!

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